Review of “Grit, The power of passion and perseverance”


Highly recommend the book (4.5/5 stars) What a nice surprise!  A friend of mine told me “You have to read this book!!!” Indeed, he was right.  I loved it, and recommend reading it.  The premise is simple “Not everything is decided by one’s IQ.  Successful people usually work hard, practice constantly and are relentless about the quality of their […]

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Doing semantic with Bootstrap

I use Bootstrap for most of the responsive design work I do nowadays.  It’s not ideal in everything but it gets the job done and it’s so prevalent in the industry that your client will always be able to find somebody to do the maintenance of it after your contract is over. There are issues […]

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What’s in a name?

My company name had to change. Teleron Software was founded 15 years ago.  I chose this name in a hurry, it didn’t mean much but it sounded good (I thought…) and that’s why I went with it.  I was the sole proprietor and the sole employee.  At the time, I worked mainly on Java server side […]

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About startup failures

Following my post of a few days ago “Ok, let’s pivot”, a colleague of mine sent me a link to this interesting article which discusses the reasons why startups fail.  If you are interested in startups, I recommend you read it.  It’s short and there’s definitively some value to it. That being said, there are at […]

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Ok, let’s pivot

A few weeks ago, I decided to put Urbanoe on hold, the reasons are explained here. Moratorium is over, I’ve decided to continue with the project! There are many reasons for it but the main one is that what I’ve built up to now does have value.  Value is in the eye of the beholder, but my assumption […]

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Printing Camera Case


3D printing merges my interests in geeky, digital stuff and “concrete physical work”.  It’s quite exciting for somebody who mainly deals with “ones and zeroes”.  There’s so much to learn though and I need to expand my comfort zone! So when a friend of mine, asked me to print a camera case that he found on […]

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First 3D printing project: QC15 Earpads


The 3D printer works and I’ve actually managed to print a couple of things but no design of mine yet.   So, this weekend, I worked on my own printing project. I have Bose Quietcomfort QC 15 headphones.  I love them, best headphones I’ve ever had.  They’re getting a little bit long in the tooth […]

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Ruby Rogues podcast on Elixir and Phoenix

I spent part of yesterday’s drive to work listening to the “RR Phoenix and Rails with Chris McCord” podcast.  Highly interesting for people that are in languages and frameworks. Chris is the creator of the Phoenix framework and used to be a Rails developer… As he puts it, his favourite language was Ruby until he encountered Elixir. […]

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About Urbanoe

I started working on Urbanoe a few years ago.  I had this need to express myself, I think.  It’s a bit like a writer… you get creative urges…. I wanted to build something that I couldn’t build through a standard consulting gig, or through a normal  9 to 5 software job.  I wanted to create […]

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