Building Rostock 3D printer (part 1 – first thoughts)

I took my first step in building my 3D printer last week.  I am far from being a hardware guy, this is a personal challenge… it’s pushing me out of my comfort zone, which is a good thing…

Reminder to myself:  I’m going to take my time building this.  I’ll follow the instructions and don’t rush things…

So opening the box, I get this:

Four things can be seen here (from top to bottom and left to right):

  • Laser cut melamine sheets (skeleton for the printer)
  • Power supply box
  • Electronics parts (Rambo controller, etc)
  • Other parts (screws, bearings, etc).

I got everything out of the boxes, inventoried the components and put them in containers.  Everything seems to be there.  It’s a good way to start.

Note that there are a number of things you need to get prior to starting the assembly.  Amongst these, you need Kapton tape and RTV paste, both of which were quite hard to find in my neck of the woods.  These are not sold at my local “Home Depot”.  I was lucky enough to have a work colleague who had both of these.

The instructions provided by SeeMeCNC are quite good. The instruction manual (139 pages) is quite detailed and has a number of helpful links to checkpoint videos that allow you to ensure that you are not screwing things up.  They basically take you by the hand and guide you through the process.

Let’s start building!

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