Building Rostock 3D printer (Part 4 – Putting the towers in)

Ok, the base is built.  It’s a good start but it still doesn’t look like much of a 3D printer.  The next step consists in assembling the “towers”.  The towers are the metal rods on which the printing arm chariots are installed.  They also are used to carry the electric wires.  Each one of the towers carries part of these wires, there’s a lot of them and they do a lot of stuff:

  • supply power to the hot end
  • supply power to the extruder motor
  • supply power to the two fans used in the hot end assembly
  • carry stop end signal back to the controller
  • carry hot end temperature from the hot end to the controller

The towers are named X, Y, and Z.  Here’s what they look like once installed:

As to the chariots, version 4 of the Rostock Max V2 makes them look very very good using a transparent casing with blue rollers…

Things are starting to take shape!!!

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