Gilad Bracha on Ruby Rogues

Gilad Bracha on Ruby RoguesOne of the podcasts, I listen to is “Ruby Rogues”. Sometimes it’s interesting, sometimes it isn’t. I listened to the Gilad Bracha interview (episode 250) and found it to definitively be in the interesting category. Gilad, a software language designer working a Google has tons of experience with various languages. I’ve worked in software for 25 years and I have not met a lot of people who are as knoweldgeable as Gilad when it comes to software languages. If you like software languages, check it out (please be aware that there is no talk about Ruby, some talk about Elm and a LOT of talk about the pros and cons of Smalltalk).

I’m not sure if I’m ever going to learn Smalltalk, the adoption of it seems too low, though there’s a lot of very interesting concepts in it. Elm though, might be something I could use as a replacement to Javascript and/or Coffeescript. I don’t know about its integration with JQuery (is there any?), will it actually offer me something of worth? I’m now planning on at least taking the $20 course offered by Pragmatic Studios to find out.

In any case, this podcast is defintively worth watching!

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