What’s in a name?

My company name had to change.

Teleron Software was founded 15 years ago.  I chose this name in a hurry, it didn’t mean much but it sounded good (I thought…) and that’s why I went with it.  I was the sole proprietor and the sole employee.  At the time, I worked mainly on Java server side (JEE, Spring, etc).  There was no real focus on any particular domain, and I did not have a product to sell.

Now, things are different.  I have a product that will be released in a few months. I have potential customers in the cities and communities of the world.  There is no connotation between “Teleron Software” and what I am trying to achieve.  Furthermore, since the product is the end goal, it would be nice for it to be reflected in the name of the company (“two birds with one stone”).

Basically, I want  a new company name. This name needs to have the following characteristics:

  • it has a connotation to cities and communities
  • it can be used both as a product name and company name
  • it can be used as a domain name.

“Teleron Software” is out as it has absolutely no relationship with the domain the company works in.

“Urbanoe Software” (or variations of it) is out too.  There are too many similar names out there (20 pages worth in a name search report). Even though there is no real conflict between urbanoe the software platform and urbanoe the widget company, I didn’t like the idea of potential conflicts.

Finding a name in this day and age is quite arduous.  There are many many companies out there.  Furthermore, domain name trolling is an industry unto itself.   Still there are good resources out there to help you out ( I’ve compiled a few here).

It took me a few weeks of thinking, searching and of discussions with friends but I finally decided on a name. So here it is (drumroll please!):


So to sum it up, Teleron Software is now Reacticity Software.  The “Urbanoe  application” is now the “Reacticity platform”.  The made up word “Reacticity” contains a few associations I like.

  • Reactivity is something that happens when you use a catalyst to speed up a chemical reaction (which I like to think Reacticity will do in its domain).
  • React is a programming model that makes you user interface more responsive.
  • There’s an obvious association to the world of municipalities (through the suffix).

The only small drawback is that it has too many syllables… I would have liked to have two or three but I think it’s still quite acceptable.

Still, I’m very very happy that this is resolved.  It took me some time but I can now move on to other things.

P.S. The social media pages have been created.  You can follow us on Facebook,  Linked In  and Twitter.


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