Getting rid of…

Time to clean up the library.  Here’s what going out this year:

  • Integrating Voice and Data Networks:  Nice book but pretty much outdated.  Can find most of this information online nowadays… or with youtube tutorials.
  • Internetworking with TCP/IP (Comer):  Never used it (or volume III).  Obviously still use TCP/IP but there’s tons of libraries shielding me from TCP/IP.  (Don’t know where volume I is, probably loaned it.  It was good and will keep that one).
  • VLSI:  Never used it after university.  Probably totally irrelevant nowadays.
  • SNMPv3:  Actually still working with SNMP once in a while but for some reason, never with v3…  as to RMON, never used it and don’t know anybody who does.
  • Enchanted Objects:  Quite a recent book but disliked it.   I would give it to a friend but he/she would hate me for it.
  • IPAD first generation:  Haven’t used it in years.  Won’t even start anymore.

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