Music and stuff in 2016

Finally, 2016 is done.  It was a crappy year.

Yes, the US elections were a downer.  Whomever you were rooting for, you have to be concerned about the level of division, even hatred that was seen on both sides.  Hopefully, now that things are resolved, people will get back to their lives, try to patch things up and move on.

I love music and this was a particularly sad year.

I will miss Leonard Cohen.  I’m from Montreal and always felt some kinship with him.  He’s a product of my parents’ time and though I never lived in those days,  my dad was always a fan of the “man with the golden voice”… and somehow it made an impression on me (so did my parents’ love of Jacques Brel… but that’s another story).

I will miss Prince.  I didn’t love everything he did, but he was PRINCE, man!  The guitar work was amazing, check out his solo on “While my guitar gently weeps” on  this Rock and Roll Hall of Fame rendition, or this accoustic version of “Cream“.

I will miss David Bowie. I became “aware” of him quite young.  I remember being transfixed by the video of “Ashes to Ashes“, which was playing at my cousins’ during New Year’s Eve, many many years ago (close to 40 years ago??? wow!).  It had all those weird sounds and visuals.  That being said, it took a few more years for me to truly get an appreciation of his earlier stuff.

On a more positive side, I saw Pearl Jam live for the first time this year.  They left everything on stage.  Eddie’s voice is still amazing, even after all these years.  My impression is that  PJ never compromised.  Love them.

On a personal side,  my wife and I were blessed by the arrival of our baby daughter. She’s healthy, beautiful, funny.  So basically, life is a-ok.


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