Elm: The Pragmatic Way

This is the first step in my year of functional languages.  I took the course “Elm: The Pragmatic Way” offered by “The Pragmatic Studio”.

The course is an introduction to the Elm language.  It covers the basics:

  • Installation
  • Functions, currying
  • Types
  • Elm architecture
  • REST interactions
  • etc.

The course is based around the creation of a small web application, “Buzzword Bingo”, which allows you to tally up buzz words. From lesson to lesson, features are added to the application.  The code is available for each lesson, you can browse it and/or code it as you go. (I highly recommend you code along, as it is the best way to learn).

There are a total of 22 lessons. The course runs around 3.5 hours.  If you do the exercices, you’ll probably double that time (if you plan on doing it continuously, you probably want to mark down a full day).

When I took the course (January 2017), it lined up with version 0.18 of Elm (the latest version at the time). Elm is a young language, it evolves quickly.  If you are interested in this course, make sure that it corresponds to the version that interests you.

I would recommend the course to people who are interested in Elm but have no prior knowledge of the language.  If you are intermediate or advanced, this course is definitively too simple for you.

As I am new to Elm (and to functional programming in general), I found the course to my liking and would highly recommend it to Elm neophytes.  It’s definitively worth the $39 investment.

I think that the next step for me is to try out the language with a project.  I’m hoping to hit more problems and get a deeper understanding of functional programing and the Elm architecture using this approach.

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