About me


My name is Martin Beauvais. I’m a software engineer and this is my blog. I write mostly about my interests in the software craft. You might also find some personal stuff but even then it is still mostly associated software and technologies.

At the present time, I write mainly for myself, to prove that I can do it. Hopefully, what you find here will be helpful in your own software engineering craft. If it does then great! I am truly happy to help. Feel free to leave me a note to tell me this. If you don’t agree with something AND have constructive comments, let me know.

A little bit more about me, if you really want to know….

I’ve been working as a software engineer for a long time… I graduated in 1992 but got my first computer in 1980 (roughly). I’m French Canadian and work in Ottawa, Canada (though I don’t work in the public sector which is rare in Ottawa). I’ve been a consultant for the last 10 years. Prior to that, I worked in a variety of large and small companies as a designer or manager. (You can also check me out on LinkedIn).

I like consulting as it allows me to have a more balanced life. Furthermore, it allows me to pick and choose projects of interest. This does mean that I might be without a contract for extended periods of time, but I can still stand this. I sometimes consider going back to the security of full time, but up to now, nothing caught my fancy. Maybe one day…




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