About me

I’m a software designer, an entrepreneur, a geek and a dad. Though not, necessarily in that order.

Software designer:  I’ve been working with software pretty much all my life.  I never get bored with it.  Tried management for a while but got no joy from it.  I am most happy when working on my own projects or refactoring existing systems.  I have worked with many languages: C, C++, Java, Ruby, Pascal, etc.  The ones which I use mostly nowadays are Java and Ruby.  These days I’m trying my hand with React and Redux.  You can see a list of some of my personal project here.

Entrepreneur: I started two companies in my life and participated in a number of startups.  I love creating new things, building things.  Startups is the only way to go for this.

Geek: I love my toys! I’ve built my own 3D printer! I am using for small projects right now.  Hopefully bigger stuff in the coming months.

What you can find on this side: Reviews of books I read, software related stuff, maybe 3D printing adventures.  We’ll see.

I live in Ottawa, Canada with my wife and kids.  Most of my free time is spent with my family.  Kids take most of my time these days but hopefully will get back to hockey in a year or two.  Snowboarding this winter… 

You can also check me out on LinkedIn.



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