My Projects

I write code professionally and most of it is Java.  For personal projects, I tend to use other languages.  Here is the list of the open source projects that I work on:

  • media_gallery:  A Rail engine that allows for the management of images in an S3 repository.
  • urbanoe-model: A React package that defines Flow types for interacting with the urbanoe web site. It can also be used with React Native.
  • urbanoe-common: A React package that offers formatting code for urbanoe domain model.  It can be used both in React and React Native.
  • urbanoe-communications: A React package that allows for the interaction with urbanoe web site.  It mainly contains Redux actions and resolvers.  It can be used both in React and React Native.
  • urbanoe-mobile-ui:  A React Native package that offers UI constructs associated with the urbanoe related mobile apps.

I also work on a part time basis on the urbanoe web site which was created using Rails.  It also has a mobile app using it that can be downloaded from either the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.